Co-ed Soccer

CYO Co-Ed Soccer Program is offered for all 5th through 8th grade boys and girls who are OLG parishioners or students at OLG School. Competition is divided into 56 and Cadet Leagues. .  This is a co-ed program, so boys and girls will be participating together on the same team.   Registration deadlines will be in February.  Practices will begin in February with indoor practices.  Regular season games will begin in early April and run to Mid-May, with games and practices during the week. Players will need to provide their own shin guards, socks, cleats, and shorts.


OLG Track & Field is a spring sport and is open to all parishioners or student at OLG School in the 3rd through 8th grade.  3rd graders are able to participate in the 4th grade division in all of the track meets except for the City meet.  This is a great way to get started in track.  Signups will be in February/March and practices will begin in early march, usually conditioning in the gym.  Practices are flexible and usually during the week, as long as the coach is aware, as we know many students are involved in other spring sports.

Divisions are divided as follows: 4th Grade Girls, 4th Grade Boys, 56 Girls, 56 Boys, Cadet Girls and Cadet Boys. Track shirts will be provided. Each participant will need to provide their own shorts and running shoes if wanted. 

 Running events are: 4th and 56 50M, 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 56 and Cadet 1600M, Cadet Hurdles, 400M Relay and 800M Relay

Field Events are: 56 Boys, Cadet Girls and Cadet Boys Shot Put, 4th Girls and 56 Girls Softball Throw, 4th Boys Baseball Throw, Girls Kickball Throw, High Jump and Long Jump

 Parent involvement is welcome and encouraged. Parents are needed to assist at practices and help during the Sunday meets. The track program consists of 3 Sunday track meets as well as Archdiocesan CYO City Track Meet, usually held on a Friday (Field Events), Saturday, (Running Events), and the following Wednesday (Running Finals)


CYO Baseball Program is offered to all 7th and 8th grade boys that attend OLG School or are OLG parishioners.   Signup deadlines will be in February and games will begin in early April and will conclude towards the end of May. There is only Cadet baseball and is played at the A level.


CYO softball program is offered to all 7th and 8th grade girls who are parishioners or students of OLG School, but will consider 6th grade players, if needed. Softball is a spring sport. Registration occurs in February and games begin in early April. The season concludes at the end of May. All teams will compete at a Cadel level, and participate as an A level team. There is no B level in CYO softball. Players will also need to provide their own softball pants, glove, and facemask, and helmet. There is also an end of season tournament for all teams.

Girls Kickball

CYO Kickball is open to any OLG Parishioner or student that attends OLG School. It is divided into 2 seasons, fall and spring.  Evaluations for fall season, which is larger, will be in July.  Practices will begin once teams and coaches established. Games will begin toward the beginning in August. Spring season is generally smaller, with evaluations in March, generally right after volleyball.   Kickball is divided into five leagues -3rd,34 & 4th grade, 56 (A & B) and Cadet (A & B).  In the Spring there is 3rd,3/4, 4th, 56 and Cadet.  Games will be played during the week, along with practices, with no weekend games. Practices can be right after school, or in the evening, depending on the coaches.  Only the division winners from each league will advance to the end of season tournament.